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 +====== Encoding Video for Sansa View ======
 +I'll describe what kind of video files Sansa View player will accept, this should help configuring different kind of video converters.
 +Let's go to [[http://​​sansa/​faq/​faq21.asp|Sansa View FAQ]] and see what video formats are supported. Only terms: "​Simple profile of MPEG-4, part 2" and "​Baseline profile Level 3 of MPEG-4, part 10" need to be explained:
 +  * Simple profile of MPEG-4, part 2 - [[http://​​wiki/​MPEG-4_Part_2#​Simple_Profile_.28SP.29|Wikipedia]] has more info on it. In practice it means: no interlaced video, no B frames, no Qpel, no GMC.
 +  * Baseline profile Level 3 of MPEG-4, part 10 (H.264) - again Wikipedia is helpful here, here's something on [[http://​​wiki/​H.264#​Profiles|H.264 profiles]] and [[http://​​wiki/​H.264#​Levels|H.264 Levels]]. In practice: no B slices, no SI and SP slices, no CABAC entropy coding, no data partitioning,​ no interlaced coding, no monochrome video format, no 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 chroma formats, no 9, 10, 11, 14 bit sample depths, no 8x8 vs 4x4 transform adaptivity, no quantization scaling matrices, no separate Cb and Cr QP control, no separate color plane, no predictive lossless coding.
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